How To Solder

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Basic Soldering

Soldering is a basic skill that can seem very daunting to the inexperienced repairer. But it is not, in fact, difficult to do, and it is easy to pick up the basics with a little practice. Click below to learn some basic soldering skills.

Why do I need to solder?

Classic arcade games run on PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). These circuit boards are 30+ years old, and some very common effects of aging can make a game un-playable. Over time the components on the boards become oxidized, corroded, or even brittle and can break. Since the components can be very inexpensive (as little as a few cents for a resistor), learning how to replace them is a great skill to have.

How do I know what to replace?

Trouble-shooting PCBs and looking for damaged components will be covered in a different tutorial.

So how do I solder, already?

Teh internets is chock-full of useful information about soldering. The problem is that it's full of not-so-useful information also. And it probably suffers from bad-information and too-much-information as well. So we'll start with a good video covering the basics of soldering.

Note that I had nothing to do with this video. I just didn't want to re-invent the wheel.

Space reserved for more useful information...

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