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PAC members are active. When they're not busy collecting, restoring or playing their games, they offer some back to the community. Here are some of the things MADE BY PAC.

Books by PAC members

  • Grails
  • Bits, Sticks and Buttons
Grails cover

Hot off the trails of his first book, Gozer5454 continues his trek through the arcade kingdom in search of the mightiest games to ever capture the industry's hearts. These are the forgotten classics of yesteryear; The cherished gems of arcade past. These are GRAILS.

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PAC Member Sean Newton wrote a book. It's pretty awesome.

Take a trip back through time as he navigates you through the best of the best video games to ever grace the arcades. Along the way, fellow enthusiasts to the hobby hop in to offer their own unique perspective on the icons of the arcades. So which games led the pack? And which ones fell short? Sit back, put up your feet, and find out, once and for all, who the big dogs of the arcade really are.

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Movies starring PAC members

  • High Score

    One of our own members was the star of a documentary about the path to obtain a modern day world record on a 30+-year-old video game. Check it out! Read More
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Reproduction Artwork by PAC members

  • This Old Game

    Rich Lint is a PAC member. And he is the owner of This Old Game, creator of screen printed reproduction graphics. Read More
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